72 Families Displaced in La Vega and Cota 905 by El Coqui Paramilitary Gang in Four Years

A total of 72 families have been displaced from their homes over the last four years by members of the criminal terrorist gang that dominated Cota 905 neighborhood of Caracas until last week, according to Venezuelan law enforcement agencies.

For about four years, the leaders of the criminal gang founded by Carlos Calderón (El Vampi) took over Cota 905, and even appropriated government social programs such as CLAP. It was the gang that distributed the food boxes from the CLAP Misiones Base located in the sector, and the families that did not agree with their methods were forced to leave the area.

Such a situation occurred in the El Naranjal neighborhood, where the authorities found 37 abandoned houses as a result of this forced displacement by members of the Coqui gang.

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This information was provided by the Minister of Interior and Justice, Carmen Meléndez, who, on Saturday, July 10, presented a report of the comprehensive police operation named Gran Cacique Indio Guaicaipuro deployed in the affected regions of the capital.

From other sources it was known that 35 more families had to abandon their homes in various sectors of La Vega. Residents narrated that between April and May this year, a group of armed men with a Colombian accent traveled through La Vega to carry out a kind of census. They knocked on doors and asked how many people lived in that house and the number of rooms as well as the occupation of the residents. If they detected that a police officer or a relative of a member of the police, they forced the residents of that house to leave the neighborhood, according to witnesses.

In this regard, Vice President Delcy Rodríguez commented last Saturday that this criminal group sought to exercise ”multi-territorial control” which was part of a long-term plan to weaken the Venezuelan State.


Featured image: Armored vehicle of Bolivarian National Guard in Cota 905. File photo.

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