Carvativir Already in Pharmacies and Hospitals (Venezuelan COVID-19 Medicine)

This Sunday, March 21, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced that nationwide distribution of Carvativir, the Venezuelan antiviral, has commenced. Carvativir is a therapeutic drug developed by Venezuelan scientists from the Venezuelan Center for Scientific Research (IVIC) and the Ministry of Science and Technology, based on the molecule DR-10, that reportedly has been very effective against COVID-19.

This was announced by the Venezuelan president during a televised broadcast providing an update on the coronavirus situation. Maduro detailed that the Carvativir medicine should reach all health care centers in Venezuela, including Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDI), hospitals and private clinics.

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“Good news for Venezuela: after complying with all the pharmacological, health, biological and molecular procedures, Carvativir is already on the streets,” said Maduro. “We have started the distribution by the thousands to all the states of the country, to all the CDIs, outpatient clinics of the country, sentinel hospitals, Farmapatria (public pharmacies); even private clinics that require it, we immediately will send it to them.”

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He also commented that the domestically produced antiviral will be available for sale within three weeks in the main pharmacies of the country. According to the head of state, this drug can be used by people of all ages, and also those people who have beaten COVID-19, to aid in their complete recovery.

Likewise, he pointed out that there are already international orders for Carvativir. It is expected that the first shipments abroad will be dispatched very soon.


Featured image: Venezuelan COVID-19 therapeutic drug Carvativir. File photo.

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