Chavismo Took Caracas Again – Operation Defense of Freedom (Images+Videos)

06/Abr/2019.-Today a red tide took Caracas and different cities in Venezuela after the call of the leadership of the Bolivarian Revolution in response to a new D-day launch for the US government through their Venezuelan proxies.

The demonstration ended in front of the Miraflores palace  with a speech by President Nicolas Maduro. He urged the Venezuelans to work harder and harder to defeat the imperial pretensions. From Catia, Av. Nueva Granada and Av. Libertador, 3 marches joined the general demonstration in front the Miraflores Palace.

President Nicolás Maduro stressed that imperial aggression affects the quality of life and the right to economic development in Venezuela. “It is an aggression against all Venezuelans, do not believe -you sympathizers of the opposition- that these actions do not affect your quality of life too”. In this regard he called for the unity and work of all Venezuelans.


“I call for national union to defend our country and tell by any means the government of the United States to cease its aggression and sanctions against our country. I call on the workers and the people, in the face of sanctions: more work, more dignity and more effort because Venezuela will succeed and will stand with sanctions or without sanctions,” the president affirmed.


The images and videos from the opposition demonstration showed what most analysts have been saying in recent weeks: a diminishing number of protesters and a lack of direction in the expectations after the several D-days promoted unsuccessfully by Guaido and the US in order to keep alive their coup d’etat but weakening the resistance of their opposition base and in parallel raising up the Chavista spirit.




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