China: US Must be Transparent About Military Biological Programs

The United States needs to act with more transparency regarding its military biological programs, as these pose risks that cannot be ignored, said spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Defense, Wu Qian.

“Such kinds of US activities need more transparency, there is a latent security threat and it cannot be ignored,” Wu was quoted as saying in the statement released by the Chinese Defense Ministry.

He also stressed that the US must inform the world of the objectives of its military biological projects.

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“We want to know what are the real objectives of the US military biological projects and why there is no detailed information about it,” the spokesperson said. “We are also interested in knowing what relationship exists between US biological laboratories abroad and the US Department of Defense.”

Wu questioned why the Pentagon, the US Department of Defense, is so deeply involved in projects it says are related only to scientific research and disease monitoring.

He also wonders why, for 20 years, the US was against the creation of a multilateral mechanism for the verification of the Biological Weapons Convention.

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“The United States must give the world very precise explanations,” insisted the Chinese Defense Ministry spokesperson.

According to a work published in early March by the Russian Ministry of Defense, the United States allocated more than $200 million for biological laboratories in Ukraine that participate in the US military biological program. Those labs dealt, in particular, with plague pathogens and anthrax.

According to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Riabkov, what has been discovered in Ukraine is only “a pinch” of the more than 300 US biological laboratories in operation throughout the world.


Featured image: Soldier holding yellow bars making the X sign. Photo: AP Photo/Francisco Seco.

(Mundo Sputnik)

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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