CNE President: We will Investigate Electoral Campaign Violations – 21N Mega-Elections

The president of Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE), Pedro Calzadilla, assured this Tuesday, November 2, that as of the day before the electoral authority had begun investigations into possible violations of the electoral campaign regulations. Venezuela’s upcoming regional and municipal elections are scheduled for Sunday, November 21.

In this year’s electoral campaign regulations, social networks were added as an authorized means of transmission of messages. Thus, the accounts of political parties are being observed.

Calzadilla also pointed out that the CNE has a record of all official accounts of the national and local government, and that on Tuesday afternoon the electoral authority would evaluate “how their behavior is evolving.”

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Regarding violations of the electoral regulations, he said that “today we have a meeting at the National Electoral Council to make decisions and make them public. Everything decided in the National Electoral Council has been approved by the board unanimously.” All political parties participate in this process, and validate any decisions that are carried out before each election.

“The electoral campaign reaches its sixth day today and we are at 82% progress in the electoral schedule,” said Calzadilla during an interview conducted by opposition journalist Vladimir Villegas. “We are aligned with the great efforts of the national dialogue, and part of this effort was the designation of the electoral authority’s new board, which offers electoral guarantees.”

Audits of the review of the Automated Voting System and the audit of the Electoral Registry are among the remaining 11 audits that are performed to provide transparency to the Venezuelan electoral process. The rigorous audit process further guarantees the transparency and accuracy of the elections.

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The representative of the electoral authority noted that the broad international accompaniment is another part of the electoral guarantees for the regional and municipal “mega-elections.”

Eight groups of international observers and six national observation organizations are accredited for this election. Calzadilla also remarked that the regulation of social media networks was incorporated as a novelty in the specific regulations on Electoral Campaign and Propaganda.

Finally, he recalled that there are two thousand prosecutors deployed throughout the country to respond to any complaints regarding the elections or preparations for the vote.


Featured image: CNE’s president Pedro Calzadilla (right) being interviewed by Vladimir Villegas (left). Photo: Últimas Noticias.

(Últimas Noticias) by Narkys Blanco with Orinoco Tribune content

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