Deputy Jesús Faría: We’re Entering a Great National Debate Over Wages

This Wednesday, with the meeting of the Finance and Economic Development Commission in the National Assembly, it’s possible for Venezuela to take the first steps towards investment legislation, demand for workers’ wages, and strengthening of the social economy, commented commission chair Jesús Faría afterwards.

Faría said that this body will be in charge of “legislating based on investment, wages, the social economy, peoples’ well being, public services, enhancing state finances, generating new income in foreign currency and also income for the country.”

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The deputy added that to move in that direction “requires political conditions,” for which this commission is directed to encourage “the organization of workers, defeating demagoguery and lies that try to twist reality and divert our compatriots’ attention regarding the fundamental causes that afflict our workers.”

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Faría announced that, on the salary field, “we’re entering a great national debate” in which he expects “high levels of consciousness of the workers,” so that they’re not deceived with demagoguery that tries to attribute the responsibility for the collapse of wages to the national government.

Faría said that “it is clear” that “the blockade, the persecution, the seizure of all our resources, our reserves, our oil, our main industries, have been the causes of the brutal contraction of national income,” which in the opinion of the deputy has resulted in the fall of wages.


Featured image: Faría promised to enter discussion with workers’ organizations to defend wages. File photo.

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