Deserters Abandoned by Guaidó and the US March to Bogota Looking for Answers

In the last few days, it became known in the social networks that the Venezuelan military deserters, who registered in the operation of the false humanitarian aid of February 23, are heading to Bogota to seek a meeting with President Iván Duque.

These military troops crossed the border with Colombia under the unfulfilled promises – protection and improvement of their economic situation – made by Juan Guaidó. Weeks later, several of these soldiers denounced being “adrift”, due to the fact that UNHCR Colombia demanded that they leave the camps and move on their own.

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Before that, the mayor of the Villa del Rosario municipality, Pepe Ruíz, in an interview with RCN Radio , said that the number of Venezuelan soldiers deserting to the side of Colombia is growing, and that this bothers the departmental authorities for the logistics involved in keeping them.

For the mayor, the presence of these troops generates other problems in the area of ​​citizen security, for which they were required to return to Venezuela.

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The media noise generated by these accusations forced the Colombian Foreign Ministry to make a statement, issuing a statement on the situation of the deserters instantly. He warned that, despite having helped this contingent, the Duque government needs help from the “international community”.


The lack of response and the abandonment of (these men by) Juan Guaidó and his team, has precipitated that these troops look for answers in Colombia to their delicate situation. Paradoxically, they do not march to Caracas to give power to the “interim”, but to Bogota to add an additional problem in internal politics to the unstable government of Ivan Duque.

This situation reduces the credibility of Guaidó’s promises to the Venezuelan military, which are trying to convince them that by abandoning their oath they will receive preferential and privileged treatment.


Source URL: Mision Verdad

Translated by JRE\EF

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