Gringo Denounces Weight Gain in Venezuela – “Plan Pueblo a Pueblo” Won Food Sovereignty Award (Video)

The “Plan Pueblo a Pueblo” created by a group of Venezuelans working in self-management were awarded with the US Food Sovereignty Award.

John Brownlee member of the delegation visiting Venezuela for this event mentioned that he knew there were lies, referring to all the news spread in the US about Venezuela. He was impressed by the hospitality of Venezuelans and mentioned that he actually gain weight during his stay in the country.

The award is recognized by the US Food Sovereignty Alliance (USFSA) and recognized the work of these Venezuelans for arduous work of exemplary organization in a country that is currently experiencing a “strong crisis.”

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For this reason, members of the alliance recognize that it is important to show the world what is happening in Venezuela and how popular movements organize to develop food sovereignty despite all obstacles.

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The group of international activists visited Venezuela as part of a delegation organized by the “Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle” from New York, under the leadership of William Camacaro a long standing activist based in New York.

Stephen Bartlett, a member of the US Food Sovereignty Alliance, commented: “The food sovereignty that you are building also guarantees the sovereignty of the people, of society, of government; it is an excellent example of what a healthy revolution is, fair and equitable, we are very happy to share and witness that. ”

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Translated and edited by JRE/EF

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