Iran Condemns US Interference and Coup Plans Against Bolivia

Iran censures the interference of the United States government in the internal affairs of Bolivia and its coup plans against president Evo Morales.

“Any change of government in a forced manner and outside the legal framework, especially with foreign interference, is condemnable and unacceptable,” said Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Seyed Abbas Musavi on Tuesday.

In this regard, the spokesman of the Persian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has insisted on the need for any change in the political system of the country to occur according to the demands of the people, materialized through the vote and within the framework of the law.

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Morales resigned on Sunday after a coup d’etat led by the opposition, which at no time recognized his re-election in the elections of October 20. An avalanche of resignations has seconded the measure of the Latin American leader; some occurred due to threats and aggression of opposition groups.

Faced with this situation, Musavi has expressed his desire that the people and the various Bolivian political groups use all their political and legal capacities to reach a peaceful solution without resorting to chaos, violence and confrontation.

Since the beginning of the chaos in Bolivia, the one who was the Bolivian president, in an attempt to pacify the country, called for dialogue and called for new elections, but the opposition continued with its violent agenda in order to provoke a coup d’etat.

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Given this situation, Morales, who was the first indigenous president of the South American country, resigned to prevent further conflict and bloodshed by opposition groups, funded by the US.

As a result of everything that has happened to date, Morales left Bolivia on Monday and travels to Mexico, after accepting a proposal for political asylum from the government of the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, although he said that “he will return (to Bolivia) with more strength and energy.”

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Featured image: The spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of Iran, Seyed Abbas Musavi, at a press conference in Tehran (capital), May 28, 2019. (Photo: Mehr)

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