Jorge Rodríguez: We Are Not and Will Not Be Anyone’s Colony

On Tuesday, November 30, the plenary of the Venezuelan National Assembly (AN) approved an Agreement of Support and Congratulations for the Brave People of Venezuela for their participation in the November 21 elections.

The president of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, emphasized that on November 21 peace won, “the people of Venezuela won. What we are experiencing is a second struggle for our independence. What they [the right] wanted for Venezuela was the dissolution of the Republic and they supported all that by those who claim to be representatives of the opposition in Venezuela and now they want the press agencies throughout the world to spread their lies.”

Rodríguez expressed his surprise at the activities of the European Union international observer mission, and declared, “I remind the European Union that we are not and will not be anyone’s colony here.”

The National Assembly president also referred to the Freddy Superlano situation in Barinas state, commenting that “Venezuela cannot run away from the crimes committed by an electoral candidate.”

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Further referring to the situation, Rodríguez added, “Juan Guaidó was left without a job in December; on November 21 he was left without politics, and today he was left shameless by demanding an election that he himself does not recognize.”

Deputy Javier Bertucci also congratulated the people who went out to vote, and stressed that a peaceful election had been carried out. “In December [2020, National Assembly election] the turnout was 30%, and now it is 40%; we are sure that the next election will have a higher participation rate.”

Bertucci added that November 21 showed that Venezuelans can settle their political disputes peacefully. “Many of those who accused us of being scorpions were candidates, and they won and now we welcome them,” stated Bertucci. “The true road to democracy is the electoral route.”

Bertucci also referred to the situation in Barinas, and recommended that Barinas voters should not lose hope in the new election called for January 9, when a new governor will be elected.

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Bertucci recognized the effort made by the National Electoral Council (CNE) to comply with the established electoral schedule. “With this electoral process, Venezuela won because it has achieved a social and electoral recognition throughout the world.”

For his part, Deputy José Villarroel stressed that November 21 elections were reliable and that it allowed people to express their political will.

Moreover, Deputy José Britó stressed that his party Alianza Democrática has been consistently on the path of democracy, and celebrated the achievement that it has been able to expel those who preferred the path of hatred and were left out of the election.

“When we decided to participate in the election, we did it without going to Mexico to ask for consents,” Britó insisted. “That was our first achievement and time has proved us right. The problems of politicians are only of interest to politicians, while those of the people are of interest to the people and that is what needs to be addressed.”

Featured image: National Assembly President Jorge Rodríguez. Photo: Wimer Errades

(Últimas Noticias) by Narkys Blanco

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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