Leopoldo López will Sue Calderón Berti – Monómerosgate

The fugitive from Venezuelan justice, Leopoldo López, announced that he will sue Humberto Calderón Berti, also a prominent opposition politician, for “slander and unfounded attacks.” López issued the statement after Calderón Berti—who served as the supposed ambassador to Colombia of the former deputy and would-be usurper Juan Guaidó—held López responsible for the problems faced by the multi-million dollar petrochemical corporation Monómeros, belonging to the Venezuelan state.

During an interview, López said that he made the decision to file a criminal complaint in Spain against Calderón Berti, accusing him of slander.

“The recent accusations that Calderón Berti has made about Monómeros were very serious accusations,” said López, “in which he also exposed people with first and last names, putting them on the wall for accusations.” López, the alleged leader of the Popular Will (Voluntad Popular) terrorist organization, made the statement without disclosing that Calderon-Berti’s diplomatic posting was with Monómeros headquarters.

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López assured that he has “nothing to hide,” apparently providing Calderón Berti an opportunity to present evidence in this regard.

López also recalled that Guaidó’s “former ambassador” has acted against the interests of Guaidó and his representatives on repeated occasions, during the embattled opposition forces’ attempts to illegally expropriate—with the help of Colombia and the US—multi-billion dollar assets such as Monómeros and CITGO. Guaidó and company have been accused of corruption and embezzlement, even by erstwhile allies such as Julio Borges, following the imposter presidency’s seizure and “management” of Monómeros in 2019.


Opposition factions also conspired to steal humanitarian aid issued to Guaidó’s representatives in Colombia beginning in 2019, funds that were supposedly directed to Venezuelan migrants, yet were never distributed.

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Calderón Berti criticized Leopoldo López
In February of this year, the opposition politician Calderón Berti declared that Guaidó did not fully exercise all of his responsibilities, because he gave López an “undue mentorship,” an action that Calderón Berti described as disastrous. Virtually all analysts in Venezuela, from left to right, agree with the claim that Leopoldo López is the real power behind former deputy Guaidó.

Calderón Berti pointed out that López is sectarian to the core, not only politically but also in respect to seniority.

More recently, at the end of September, Calderón Berti accused López of being responsible for all the misdeeds at Monómeros—for giving contracts to “friends,” for ”creating a “disaster,” and for “mismanagement and undesirable political meddling.”

“The person largely in charge of all this, we don’t have to give it much thought,” said Calderon Berti, “the person largely responsible for everything that has happened in Monómeros is called Leopoldo López, who politicizes exaggeratedly with a striking sectarianism all that he lays his hands on.”


Featured image: Humberto Calderon Berti (left) and Leopoldo López (right). File photo courtesy of RedRadioVE.

(RedRadioVE) by Ana Perdigón

Translation: Orinoco Tribune




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