National Assembly to Publish List of Candidates for CNE Rectors within Two Weeks

This Friday, February 26, the National Assembly (AN) of Venezuela announced that it will publish the list of candidates for rectors of the National Electoral Council (CNE) within two weeks, after it is agreed upon in the Electoral Nominations Committee.

The information was given by the Chairman of the Committee, deputy Giuseppe Alessandrello. “We have received a large number of applications, a record number in the history of the AN,” he stressed.

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“The next step is the evaluation of each and every one of them,” he continued. “We will need approximately 12 days, and once it gets completed we will publish the list,” he said, while highlighting that the submission of a record number of applications demonstrates “the participatory spirit of the Venezuelan people” and the confidence of the people in the institutions of the State.

The Vice President of the Committee, José Gregorio Correa, said that they are considering the necessary time to reach consensus. “We are already ‘on the way’ and nothing will stop us. What the country needs is dialogue and consultation, but with only one interest, to strengthen democracy,” he stressed.

On Saturday, February 27, the committee will begin to interview the applicants, and will continue the verification and evaluation of their credentials.


Featured image: The announcement was made from the Parliament / Photo: Wilmer Errades.

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Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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