New Evidence Emerges Regarding Illegality of Alex Saab’s Detention

New evidence on the illegal detention of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab continues to emerge in the battle for his freedom. His lawyer Baltasar Garzón explained that when “he was detained there was no Interpol order, much less a red notice, for which reason it must be considered illegal.”

Through a video conference on an analysis program, the jurist described Saab’s detention as political persecution. He also explained that “his plane was diverted to a country friendly to the United States in order to detain him.”

Saab was on a tour of the African continent in order to foster commercial alliances for strategic products. The work of this special representative was essential because Venezuela, due to the blockade, has no access to the international market and its accounts are frozen.

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No red notice

Likewise, Garzón recalled that the plane was not allowed “to land at two airports in African countries, forcing it to go to Cape Verde…When it landed, officials were activated to stop it without a warrant or a red notice.”

This detail is fundamental because it proves that Saab’s detainment was not executed to fulfill a legal imperative, but constituted a political conspiracy. An Interpol red notice must be complied with immediately by the countries that signed this agreement with the institution.

Garzón said that finally, since there was no more fuel, the plane had to agree to land in Cape Verde. Saab was illegally detained on June 12. After a delay in allowing him humanitarian measures that were dictated by the highest court in Africa, he received the benefit of house arrest.

However, the diplomat denounced that he has been a victim of torture equal to or worse than those he suffered in prison, regardless of his state of health.

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Campaign for his freedom

Venezuela started a campaign for the release of Alex Saab by delivering documents to the embassies of Nigeria and the United Nations. In addition, concerts have been organized and all legal avenues are being explored on the international level to secure his release.

The Bolivarian Government continues to undertake all pertinent actions to condemn this crime against a very important representative of Venezuela.


Featured image: Alex Saab. File Photo


Translated by Orinoco Tribune


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