When Will President Nicolás Maduro Get Vaccinated?

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro confirmed this Sunday, February 28, that he will get vaccinated against COVID-19 next week.

The announcement was made during the weekly report of the COVID-19 Presidential Commission from the Miraflores Palace. Other important announcements included the confirmation that face-to-face classes will be resumed in April under the 7+7 reopening scheme, meaning every alternate week.

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The president assured that Venezuela is ready to take this step towards what he called “the new relative normality.” President Maduro clarified that in the coming days new vaccines will arrive to complete the first phase of the mass vaccination program, and that immediately after teachers, professors and other vulnerable groups would be vaccinated, aiming for 70% vaccination.

This proportion would allow achievement of what has been called “herd immunity,” but he clarified that the health crisis will not be overcome until “the vaccine is perfected and the vaccine carrier doesn’t infect others.”

It’s not known how long this period will last, but a resolution will come eventually, as it’s not the first time that humanity has faced a similar challenge. The president recalled that the flu virus that currently affects us, used to kill people much more frequently.

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“When will the definitive post-pandemic era arrive?” said Maduro. “When we have treatments for the coronavirus so powerful that it will be just one more flu.”

Sputnik V, safe vaccine

During his appearance on state-run Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), the Director of Epidemiology of Miranda state, Ángel Melchor, offered details on the immunization process being undertaken in various states of the country.

“The Russian Sputnik V vaccine is 91.6% effective—one of the most effective in the world. In addition, it doesn’t produce allergic reactions. So far no effects have been presented to any of its components, which gives it an additional element of security…and we haven’t had any serious adverse effects with the administration of this vaccine. In any case, this vaccine, like all those that are being applied, is new in the world. For this reason, the vaccinated subjects are accompanied and monitored.”


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Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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