Russia Asks the World to Become Aware of Destructive Effects of Unilateral US Coercive Measures

“We have to make the world aware of the nature of unilateral coercive measures and their destructive impact on economies and people,” Mikhail Ulyanov, Russia’s representative to the United Nations (UN) in Vienna, urged on Thursday.

He said that for his country this is not an abstract issue. “In recent years, USA initiated more than 70 rounds of unilateral sanctions against us. There are 485 entities, 288 people, eight vehicles and an oil field that this year are under US sanctions,” he complained.

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Ulyanov assured that despite this panorama, the Russian people have successfully resisted. “We have experienced a rebound in our agriculture, our army and industry are becoming stronger, the sanctions to the production and processing of oil resulted in an increase in national production that now covers 95 percent of the need,” he said.

He warned that the US government resorts to sanctions more than any other state in the world as a special element of its foreign policy, which includes the change of undesirable political regimes for them and as an element for unfair competition in commercial wars.

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“I can say that the objectives of the United States have not been met,” he said, describing the imperial sanctions as unintelligent.

“I reiterate that despite this, the sanctions of the Trump administration harm all sectors of the economy, block access to financial resources and services and affect the most advanced technologies.”

“It is usually the ordinary citizen who suffers under such pressures,” he complained.

The representative of Russia before the United Nations (UN) in Vienna, described as crimes against humanity this type of practice adopted by the Oval Office in an extraterritorial manner.

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Translated by JRE/EF

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