This is How Freedom and Human Rights are Respected in the US: Blows, Gas, Bullets

The US, which always “advises” the world to respect freedom of expression and human rights, cracks down on protests due to George Floyd assassination.

Massive protests across the US With the slogan “I can’t breathe”, in reference to the last words of the Afro-descendant Floyd before dying asphyxiated, continue nationwide in the US, ignoring the curfews ordered on Saturday and Sunday.

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Police, who have brutally suppressed the protests, the worst since 1968, when civil rights activist Martin Luther King was murdered, have detained “at least 4,400 protesters,” the Associated Press news agency reported Monday .

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The attack and arrest of members of the media teams, as happened to the local network CNN as it broadcast a live television report, raises questions about the credibility of the White House, which  claims to defend human rights and free press.


Source URL: HispanTV

Translated by JRE/EF