To Whom did the UK Ambassador in Caracas Present his Credentials? (UK Looting Gold)

Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodríguez recalled this Thursday, July 2, that the ambassador of the United Kingdom to Venezuela gave his credentials to the legitimate president Nicolás Maduro and not to the self-proclaimed “interim president” Juan Guaidó.

That is the hardest evidence to determine who the UK recognizes as Venezuelan President in reference with the attempted looting of Venezuelan gold by the Bank of England and the UK regime, according to diplomatic experts.

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This was indicated in a press conference from Miraflores Palace in which she explained how the deputy Juan Guaidó and his legislative bandits intend to deliver the territory of the Essequibo and the gold belonging to the Venezuelan people to the United Kingdom.

On February 5, 2018, the United Kingdom’s ambassador to Venezuela, Andrew Soper, presented his credentials to President Maduro, during a ceremony at the Miraflores Palace. Despite this, Soper supports the self-proclaimed deputy because he is the one who wants to deliver the Venezuelan wealth and territory.

She also explained that the legitimate authorities “are in Venezuela, and in Venezuela they exercise their political power over our territory, where their offices are, their officials, where they have letterhead communications.”

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In this sense, she showed the country the record of Vannessa Newman, Juan Guaidó’s “diplomatic representative” before the British government. In addition, she revealed that this fraudster intends to deliver the Essequibo in exchange for support to Guaido.

“A few weeks ago there was a diplomatic incident with a hidden “UK unit for the reconstruction of Venezuela”. The Venezuelan chancellor presented the visa application requested by UK Foreign Office officials to enter Venezuela, they requested the visa from the government of Nicolas Maduro, if you want to prove who is the President of Venezuela that must suffice any lack of clarity,” a diplomatic expert said to Orinoco Tribune.

Featured image: The British Ambassador Andrew Soper presented his Letter of Credentials to President Nicolás Maduro. Photo courtesy of the UK Foreign Office.

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