Trump: Venezuela Wants Talks but After November 3rd “it will be a More Aggressive Deal”

This Friday, US President Donald Trump said that representatives of the Venezuelan government want to dialogue with Washington and warned that the talks would only take place after the presidential elections in his country, scheduled for November 3.

“A year ago, we offered the option of talking, but it didn’t happen. Now it will be after the election, but it will be a more aggressive treatment,” Trump said during a rally organized by” Latinos con Trump” at a hotel complex he owns, located in Miami-Dade County while also attacking Cuba and Nicaragua.

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This statement was considered contradictory by analysts, especially because the Venezuelan government has been always open to dialogue with the United States government but a dialogue with respect. “The problem is that the US regime — whenever the moment gets favorable for this dialogue — dynamites the table, saying that they will dialogue only if president Nicolas Maduro accepts abandoning the presidency he won in open and democratic elections in May 2018,” a political expert told Orinoco Tribune.

The US president, who aspires to remain in the White House for four more years, has been working hard to capture Latino votes in Florida, an essential state for his victory in which a significant number of Venezuelans live who are identified with anti-communism and radical anti-Chavismo.

In an attempt to overcome the advantage that separates him from his rival, Democrat Joseph “Joe” Biden, which on average is calculated at about 10 percentage points, the president does not stop alluding to the Venezuelan issue in his speeches and opted to increase the aggressive and the illegal policy of siege and sanctions advanced by his administration, against the people and government of Venezuela.

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“I imposed the harshest sanctions that had ever been applied to Venezuela,” Trump boasted to the audience and accused Biden of meeting and praising “the dictator Nicolás Maduro” in the past but at the same time the Republican Party controlled senate derailed an act to allow TPS for Venezuelans living without legal status in the US.

Likewise, he tried to win the sympathy of the attendees, arguing that Venezuelans “love him” because Doral “is little Venezuela” and he has “done a great job” and Venezuelans “are wonderful people,” who make up an “excellent market “in South Florida, since “houses are sold there in less than two days.”

The discursive deployment at the expense of Venezuela ended with Trump saying: “15 year ago, Venezuela was a rich country, it had a tremendous future and out of nowhere, they changed their ideology. Now we send them food and water. They have nothing. Some Venezuelan analysts wonder where all this food and water is that the US is allegedly sending to Venezuela, because Venezuelans are actually very affected, not by our ideology but by the sanctions and illegal US blockade, and have not seen a single bottle of water or food coming from the US government ever.

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