Chavistamente: I Hit You Because I Love You

One of the most cynical things I have read is a tweet by José Toro Hardy (Venezuelan extreme right oil analyst) stating that the absence of gasoline that we suffer today in Venezuela, is because Chávez kicked out PDVSA technocrats in 2002. Do you remember? The protagonists of the oil sabotage, the first blockade rehersal against PDVSA, the country’s main source of income.

Those who tried to extort the Venezuelan people by taking away their gasoline, and we’ll give it back to you if you take Chávez out of Miraflores. Get out now, Get out now! — They sang drunk with pride while so many people waited in eternal queues, so many cooked on firewood. “Even if I have to burn my bed –said a lady Chavez found cooking with the legs of a chair — but don’t you give up, damn it!”

And a gasoline tanker heading towards Maracaibo, not to supply them, but to explode in the event that Chávez insisted on continuing to recognize the will of the people that led him to the presidency and who was then punished for that daring.

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A billion-dollar attack against the Nation that bankrupted thousands of the same people who, pot in hand, applauded and supported it. Eighteen years later the same story, the same people behind the same crime, but this time on steroids.

The same blackmail: A few days ago the (interim) imbecile assured that he himself could solve the gasoline shortage in 15 days, but yes, only if we did him the favor of ousting Maduro. And one wonders: If the gasoline shortage is because Chávez dumped the PDVSA technocrats in 2002 and since then PDVSA has been destroyed to the point of not being able to refine a single drop of gasoline, how is it that Harry Potter’s ostentatious moron would solve a problem of such complexity in just 15 days?

Could it be by bringing those oil gangsters (technocrats) who had de facto privatized — always de facto, as they like — our oil industry? Those that shared Miami’s 401K benefits that allowed them golden exiles after Chávez — well done btw — kicked them out. Yeah, right! Bite here.

The same people who turned up the sanctions against PDVSA to block it and paralyze it, one more time, with all the consequences that this — and they well know — entails, now they are the ones who could save us. That is more or less like thinking that a kidnapper who puts a gun to the head of his hostage is not a kidnapper but a savior who only needs to be obeyed a little bit so that he will do us the favor of letting the hostage go free.

Without dissimulation.

Meanwhile, the government of Nicolás Maduro is doing pirouettes with allied countries to bring to Venezuela the inputs we need, not only to refine gasoline, but for almost everything.

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Those who mourn for gasoline from the 2002 technocrats, those who offer solutions in 15 days, chase Iranian ships loaded with the gasoline we need, and plan more sanctions to ensure that, if they have their way, there is not a drop of anything entering Venezuela until we obey them. The old and disgusting: “I hit you because I love you.”

They talk about divestment, corruption . . . they say it with their pockets spilling millions and millions of dollars confiscated from the homeland by the master of these wretches. Crowded together in the most luxurious neighborhood of Madrid and one of the most expensive in Europe, the most ostentatious, most ridiculous, most shameless new richness, where Guaidó’s father is a socialite of palaces who drinks imported Polar beer with his little finger stretched out . . . let’s talk about criminals . . . of those who collect as their own, as “politically persecuted” every Chavista official that we expelled from Chavismo for being corrupt . . . Please!

And 70 something days before the elections, that criminal leadership, those political hitmen always paid by the State Department, aware that they have nothing electoral to look for, trampled, deceived, having thrown their constituency so many times into the ravine of lies and failures, they refined their plans against all public services, electricity, water, telephony, health . . . with imported mercenaries, with cold blood and without a soul; and then blame you know who. Their anti-election campaign will be public services.

And in this history of hatred against the people, of hatred towards our country, the Bolivarian government, always, since Chávez, and today with Maduro, in the face of each attack, seeks a response, a policy that protects the people from the deadly blow that these attacks represent. And each attack becomes a fortress — the CLAPs are a clear example of what I say –. The social missions, almost all are the daughters of the most difficult situations, and how many times have they saved us!

Let’s do the exercise of imagining for a second the country governed by those who in these twenty years rejected politics and adopted violent shortcuts . . . Let’s imagine it, not even with a criminal blockade, but only with the pandemic and all its impacts, not only on health but in the economy, in the social. What has that leadership done in these months of pandemic? Who have they helped? Any plan to support someone, a region that they rule? Nothing! Those only bet on the trail of deaths that does not exist because the Maduro government protected us and saved us.

They, those who sabotage, those who blackmail, the political hitmen of the State Department, are the ones who want us not to vote.

We will vote against them on December 6. But more than that, we are going to vote in favor of the government that, under the most ferocious attack that any country on this continent has suffered, find, where there is nothing, ways to shelter us a bit, to mitigate the punishment that the gringos impose on us for disobeying them, for having dignity and not kneeling. Let’s stand up on December 6, let’s go to vote.


Featured image: Photo composition courtesy of El Mazo Dando.

(Con el Mazo Dando)

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Carola Chavez
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Carola Chavez is a Venezuelan Chavista activist that lived most of her life in the US and is currently base in Margarita Island (Venezuela). She is a twitter influencer and a regular writer for "Con el Mazo Dando" website, Ultimas Noticias and many other Venezuelan outlets.

Carola Chavez

Carola Chavez is a Venezuelan Chavista activist that lived most of her life in the US and is currently base in Margarita Island (Venezuela). She is a twitter influencer and a regular writer for "Con el Mazo Dando" website, Ultimas Noticias and many other Venezuelan outlets.