UK Plot to Steal Venezuelan Gold Revealed

A conspiracy that took place in 2019 involving the former Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, and UK Minister of State for the Americas, Alan Duncan, with the intention of retaining the gold belonging to Venezuela held in the Bank of England (BofE), has been uncovered.

The information was disclosed by Bloomberg journalist Javier Blas, who recounted how, in a telephone conversation with Carney, Duncan presented him with legal arguments for denying that President Nicolás Maduro was the rightful president of Venezuela, and thus seizing the $2 billion worth of Venezuelan gold reserves in the Bank of England.

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Duncan made money by means of his maneuvers as an oil trader, who had worked for the raw materials trader Marc Rich, founder of Glencore, a multinational based in Switzerland dedicated to the production and sale of raw materials and foodstuffs.

Meanwhile, Carney, who was Governor of the Bank of England at the time, had previously worked for Goldman Sachs, a securities and investment banking group. He was also the Governor of the Bank of Canada.


Featured image: Bank of England (BofE) sequestering Venezuelan gold. File photo.

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Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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