UN: Lift Sanctions That Only Bring Suffering and Death

UN experts have called for the lifting of unilateral sanctions, criticizing the suffering they have caused Iran, Syria, Yemen, Venezuela and Cuba.

In a statement issued on Friday, the group said that these sanctions have caused the suffering and death of the peoples of these nations and humanitarian exemptions do not work, as people in sanctioned countries cannot receive treatment that saves lives and protects them against the novel coronavirus, which causes COVID-19.

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Without naming the specific sanctioning country, experts from the United Nations (UN) warned that sanctions imposed in the name of guaranteeing human rights are, in fact, killing people and depriving them of basic rights such as the right to health, access to food and life itself.

“We reiterate our call to the sanctioning countries to immediately lift, suspend or reduce their sanctions so that medicines, medical equipment, food and fuel can reach the peoples,” the document reads.

The experts called for authorizing in the simplest way possible the sending of humanitarian aid in order to guarantee human rights and global solidarity during the pandemic, while claiming that the people and human rights organizations that participate in the provision of said attendance should not be subject to secondary penalties in any way.

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The inhumane policy carried out by the US against the Persian nation, among other countries, has been questioned by various spheres and personalities. It causes deep concern and alarm, as it also raises questions about this sanctioning policy, which not only increases, but also acts with impunity and with the complicity of countries and organizations that do not react adequately.

Millions of Iranian citizens are affected by the policy of denying access to medical supplies, drugs, medical equipment, COVID-19 detection kits and other supplies necessary to combat the disease.

This, clearly, is an attack on the human rights of an entire population, by virtue of a hostile policy carried out by a foreign government, which, in the words of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamad Yavad Zarif, “carries out economic terrorism against Iran and it obstructs, through its inhumane sanctions, the supply of vital medicines for our population, such as, for example, the victims of chemical weapons and other sick people.”

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