Uruguay Presidential Elections: Daniel Martínez Recognizes Lacalle Pou’s Victory

Luis Lacalle Pou, candidate of the National Party, has been recognized this Thursday as president-elect of Uruguay by his main rival, Daniel Martínez, the flag bearer of the Frente Amplio. Four days after the second presidential round in the South American country, Martínez said, through his Twitter account, that the trend in the official ballot of votes remains the same and gives the victory to the right winger politician.

He also affirmed that he will continue working for democracy in the South American country and that he will hold a meeting with Lacalle Pou on Friday.

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The scrutiny of the votes stands at 75.37 percent with a favorable trend towards Lacalle Pou with 934,570, compared to 779,796 for Martinez.

The rightist also referred in the social network to his electoral victory : “My recognition and thanks to all the men and women who are defending the votes and democracy at each table these days. My thought is with you”.

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With Lacalle Pou’s victory, 15 years of left-wing government in Uruguay is over. The rightist takes the presidency of the country from Tabaré Vázquez, who ruled from 2015 to March 2020.

The representative of the National Party will fulfill his term until 2025, thanks to political alliances with Ernesto Talvi, of the Colorado Party; Guido Manini, from the Open Town Hall; Edgardo Novick, of the People; and Pablo Mieres, from Independiente.

Meanwhile, Martinez sought his second-round victory by urging voters to support his government program, after not gaining a 10-point advantage in the first round.

Featured image: Daniel Martínez (left) and Lacalle Pou in a debate (Archive / Agencies)

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