Venezuela Will Denounce Cases of Arbitrary Detention of Nationals by Colombian and Bolivian Authorities to the UN General Secretariat of Human Rights

The Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, said Friday that cases of arbitrary detention against Venezuelans in Bolivia and Colombia will be reported with evidence to the Secretary General and the Human Rights Secretariat of the United Nations.

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Arreaza, released this information through his official Twitter account @jaarreaza by writing: “Both these cases of arbitrary detentions of our compatriots in #Bolivia, as well as the criminalization cases of the Venezuelan community in #Colombia, will be presented with evidence before the General Secretariat and the United Nations Human Rights instances”.

This dossier will document all the cases of arbitrary detentions that are intrinsically connected to massive cases of xenophobia against Venezuelans promoted by the highest authorities of those countries as well as Peru and Trinidad and Tobago.

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This is because 9 Venezuelan workers were arbitrarily detained in Bolivia and were transferred from the north of the country to La Paz, to link them with the protests where they were beaten and mistreated by the Bolivian militia.

Similarly, it is known that these Venezuelans were forced to travel, were presented as criminals and were expelled from Bolivia through the border with Brazil to satisfy the xenophobic and fascist dictatorship of the self-proclaimed Jeanine Áñez.

From Colombia this week more than 60 Venezuelans were also deported and presented to the press as rioters while evidence recorded by the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry indicates that the majority of them were ordinary workers. This in the framework of the National Strike in the neighboring country that was heavily repressed by Colombian authorities. The Venezuelans were later deported from the remote border checkpoint of Puerto Inirida.

A similar incident was recorded during the massive protests in Ecuador when a popular uprising rejected IMF neoliberal measures announced by Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno. 17 Venezuelans where presented to the media and expelled from Ecuador and later it was demonstrated most of them were uber workers.

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