US will Impose More Sanctions Against Lebanon and Hezbollah

The United States already has a package of sanctions ready for some Lebanese officials and the Hezbollah movement, a senior American official announced.

“The United States has issued sanctions that will be announced next week against several Lebanese personalities,” said David Schenker, the US undersecretary of state, on Thursday.

According to the US diplomat, the White House “does not distinguish between the military and the civilian arm of Hezbollah (Islamic Resistance Movement of Lebanon), because they follow the same leadership.”

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Schenker, who arrived in Beirut on Wednesday for a two-day visit, declined to name the Lebanese officials who will be targeted by the new sanctions.

An informed source told the Al- Shiraa newspaper that the youngest son-in-law of the President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, could be one of those who make up the new black list from Washington.

In another part of his remarks, Schenker noted that the United States is coordinating with France regarding the Lebanese crisis. “We are in continuous contact with France and we agree with the European country on the need for reforms in Lebanon,” he said.

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French President Emmanuel Macron threatened on Tuesday during his visit to Lebanon with imposing sanctions against Lebanese officials if Beirut does not implement the necessary structural reforms within eight weeks.

Western countries and the US are taking advantage of the devastating explosion that hit the Lebanese capital on August 4 to interfere in Lebanon’s internal and political affairs and avoid Hezbollah’s influence.

This occurs while the Government of Beirut blames the sanctions imposed by the US and Europe for the economic crisis that has hit Lebanon in recent months.


Featured image: Lebanese President Michel Aoun (right) meets with US Undersecretary of State David Schenker in Beirut, September 10, 2019 (Photo: AFP)


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