Venezuela Condemns New EU Aggression Torpedoing 21N Elections

This Thursday, November 18, Venezuelan Minister for Foreign Affairs Félix Plasencia condemned a new aggression launched by the European Union (EU) against Venezuela, after it announced an extension of its illegal economic blockade against the people of Venezuela for one more year.

Through his Twitter account, the Foreign Minister stated that the extension of the blockade policy constitutes a new aggression against the Venezuelan people and an act of hostility on the part of the EU.

Plasencia condemned how, just a few days before the regional and municipal elections this Sunday, the EU regressed in its erratic and failed policy that is directed against the people of Venezuela.

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“The European Union, a few days before the November 21 elections, repeats its erratic and failed policy directed against the Venezuelan people by renewing, from the shadows, unilateral coercive measures contrary to international legality,” Plasencia wrote on Twitter.

He also described this renewal of the unilateral coercive sanctions as an act of hostility with the objective of torpedoing the regional elections elections scheduled for this Sunday.

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One of the justifications used by the EU to sanction Venezuela was that the Caribbean nation was guilty of allegedly “undermining the electoral rights of the opposition.” However, for this Sunday’s mega-elections, more than 70,000 opposition candidates will participate.

Recall that the internal division within the Venezuelan opposition meant that they will not present unified candidates through the Democratic Unity Table (MUD). Instead, they chose to register candidates with independent parties, demonstrating in the process a broad participation of the political sector.

In addition to this, a mission of more than 100 electoral observers belonging to the EU is currently in the country. They have witnessed the campaign process and the audits carried out over the last few days.

This Thursday, a few days before the elections are held, 34 members of the European Union’s Electoral Observation Mission arrived in Venezuela as part of the agreement established between Venezuela’s National Electoral Council and the European Union.


Featured image: Venezuelan Minister for Foreign Affairs Felix Plasencia. File photo.

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