Venezuela Reiterates Non-Recognition of UN Fact-Finding Mission (Communiqué)

Venezuela categorically rejected a United Nation’s Fact-Finding Mission classified as “independent.” The Venezuela government claimed that the mission’s report lacks veracity and is not supported by reliable sources. By highlighting the issue of alleged and unconfirmed extrajudicial execution the report uses scare tactics and tries to overshadow the achievements made by Venezuela’s government in human rights matters.

In this regard, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza applauded the response obtained by the president of this mission, Marta Valinas, from the Venezuelan ambassador to the UN Human Rights Council. In the meantime mainstream media made big headlines of this new attack on Venezuela, but never reported the recent successes in collaborative and constructive approaches with truly independent UN officers.

Through his Twitter account @jaarreaza, Arreaza explained that “in the face of the falsehoods of the alleged Fact-Finding Mission, our Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Council gave an extraordinary response. Venezuela does not recognize this ideological Mission, which invents reports from a distance in an unethical way.”

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It should be noted that the mission denounced reports of unconfirmed human rights violations committed by police agents and military personnel in Venezuela, stating that “so far this year it has counted more than 200 cases of alleged extrajudicial executions.”

Below is an unofficial translation of the communiqué:

Venezuela rejects false accusations of the misnamed International Fact-Finding Mission

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its strongest rejection of the false accusations made by the misnamed International Fact-Finding Mission, within the framework of the 46th session of the UN Human Rights Council. Once again, allegations lacking the slightest support are made, based on media campaigns and without direct contact with the reality of the country.

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This pseudo Mission, established by a questionable resolution promoted by a small group of governments with serious internal situations of human rights violations, is a palpable example of the double standards and the political use of international human rights mechanisms, with the sole purpose of continually attacking Venezuelan institutions, as part of the policy of “regime change” implemented by the authorities of the United States of America.

Venezuela categorically ratifies that it does not recognize, nor will it recognize, parallel and unnecessary mechanisms that seek to hinder the fluid cooperative relationship established with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, in clear violation of the fundamental pillars of multilateralism and the functioning of the Human Rights Council, enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, the pertinent resolutions of the General Assembly and the Council’s institutional building package, among other relevant instruments.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reiterates its willingness to continue cooperating with the Human Rights Council, its Special Procedures team and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, always on the basis of strict adherence to the principles of objectivity, non-selectivity , impartiality, non-interference in internal affairs and constructive dialogue

Caracas, March 10, 2021 .


Featured image: Venezuelan Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jorge Arreaza. File photo.

(Ultimas Noticias) by Olis Guarate, with Orinoco Tribune content

Translation: Orinoco Tribune




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