Venezuela Starts House-to-House COVID Screening in Caracas – Brazilian Strain (Videos)

The authorities in Caracas launched a house-to-house COVID-19 screening session in the Parish 23 de Enero this week, so that the virus can be kept under relative control.

In recent weeks the Brazilian variant of COVID-19 has spread fast in Venezuela, causing an almost 100% rise in daily infections. During the month of February, the daily national infections averaged at about 300 cases, and on an average 4 deaths were reported everyday. However, on Saturday, March 13, Venezuela reported 598 cases and 8 fatalities, and many point to the Brazilian strain as the main cause of the increase in cases and deaths.

In the door-to-door screening drive in the Capital District, doctors from the Cuban medical mission, social movements of the area and the local political team participated. The head of the government of the Capital District, Nahum Fernández, was present at the session and stressed that similar screening activities were carried out in 64 areas of the capital.

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The official stated that “we have investigated the dynamics of the rapid test” and added that it was done under the “house-to-house” strategy.

In addition to verifying the detection of new infections through screening, the health authorities followed up on the recovered patients residing in the 23 de Enero neighborhood.

The presence of the Brazilian variant of the coronavirus in Caracas has heightened the government’s alarm. That is why the authorities are redoubling their efforts to inform and raise awareness about the characteristics of this strain, which is more contagious. The health authorities are urging the people of the country to continue complying with prevention measures, not to relax precautions like the use of masks, to avoid meetings and gatherings and to try to stay at home.

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Additionally, the need to comply with the demands of reopening and radical weeks was highlighted. With the 7+7 Venezuelan reopening scheme, Venezuela has managed to control the spread of the disease.

Also, awareness campaigns were carried out by the Comprehensive Health System and the Darío Vivas Brigades in areas of the capital extending from the San Martín neighborhood to the San Juan Parish.


Featured image: Venezuela is adopting preventive measures to tackle COVID-19 and its Brazilian strain to control the pandemic even under harsh US blockade. Photo courtesy of VTV.

(RedRadioVE) by Carlos Arellán

Translation: Orinoco Tribune





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