Venezuelan Military Redoubles Air and Sea Patrols Due to US Military Threat

The Strategic Operational Command of the Venezuelan Bolivarian National Armed Forces (CEOFANB) redoubled all naval and air patrols of the waters within Venezuela’s jurisdiction, especially on the Atlantic front, given the threat presented by US and Guyanese military drills in the area.

This was reported by Venezuelan Minister for Defense, General Vladimir Padrino López, who classified these military exercises as a threat and a provocation for Venezuela and the region.

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“These exercises that the United States has announced… in these agonizing and desperate hours of the Trump administration, are intended to generate a state of anxiety. It is a clear provocation to the interests of Venezuela,” he said.

He pointed out that this is a major escalation, since the US empire has decided to interfere in a territorial controversy over the Essequibo territory that must be settled between Guyana and Venezuela in a practical, peaceful and satisfactory way for both parties, as established in the Geneva Agreement of 1966.

He stressed that the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) has exercised “permanent sovereignty in jurisdictional waters that are not under dispute, since they are part of the geographic territory of Venezuela.”


Featured image: Venezuelan Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino-López on Guyana-US military threats. Photo courtesy of Ultimas Noticias.

(Ultimas Noticias)

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