Venezuelan Right-Wing Analyst: What is the Real Challenge for the Opposition Today?

This Thursday, July 29, the president of the polling firm Datanálisis and anti-Chavista analyst Luis Vicente León, through his Twitter account, made reference to a series of challenges that the Venezuelan right must currently face, in order to be rise to meet the situation through which the country is passing today.

According to the economist, at present the political leadership of the right-wing sector is at its worst moment in history. He assured that none of its leaders currently obtain a positive evaluation above 20% and that all are “tied for nothing.”

“This is not commensurate with the desire for change of the majority of Venezuelans,” said León without providing numbers and without explaining what “change” means. “This is not about blaming someone. The conditions of political struggle are very harsh and the absence of concrete results generates an enormous short-circuit between leaders and the masses.” Leon failed to acknowledge that this “short circuit” is in fact a characteristic common to all of the Venezuelan anti-Chavista leadership.

In this sense León, who is also a university professor, claimed that at least three-quarters of the Venezuelan population feels that it is essential to promote a change of government, and also changes in opposition strategy and leadership.

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“There is no way to revive hope without proposing something other than what has so far only produced disappointment, frustration, and hopelessness,” said the analyst, who had strongly encouraged the US-led Guaidó operation.

“Increasing the dose of the same medicine will only increase the negative effects,” he added. “The most striking result of this lack of renewal is the new range of interests of the population (and within them the businessmen) that clashes with the political debate.”

León, therefore, recommended to the opposition not “to continue asking people for personal and business sacrifices to produce a change that they no longer expect, and in which they no longer believe or trust… It is a monumental waste of time, because between surviving and committing suicide it is very clear what they will choose.”

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“Therein lies the real challenge for the opposition,” he wrote in another tweet, “beyond their differences and above the simplistic strategy of attacking each other and defending particular interests without seeking solutions.”

Finally, when asking himself “what to do?” León listed the following four challenges:

1) We have to recognize the mistakes made (because nothing makes people more angry than when they know you view them as idiots).

2) We must urgently seek a consensus on the opposing rules of the game to settle the natural dissent between them, because whoever wants to become Charles V or Louis XIV is going to end up scorched.

3) A serious strategy must be presented to the country about what to do, beyond voting or not voting (which remains a false dilemma as long as they do not say what to do with one or the other option).

4) We must open spaces for new leadership who are validated by the only way in which representation and trust are gained: the popular vote.


Featured image: Former deputy Juan Guaidó surrounded by the press. File photo.

(La IguanaTV)

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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