WHO: Venezuela Leading Codiv-19 Test Practiced in South America – Even in Per Capita Analysis

Venezuela has carried out 159,597 screening tests for Covid-19 to April 9, which is equivalent to 4,549 tests per million inhabitant according to Orinoco Tribune analysis.

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This was reported Friday by Venezuelan vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, who also explained that this figure keeps the country at the forefront of the strategy of mass screening in Latin America.


Let’s remember that with the support of nations such as Russia and China, who have a permanent airlift for the arrival of humanitarian aid, as well as from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Unicef, Venezuela has managed to contain the coronavirus contagion curve and deepen the broad house-to-house visits investigating potential cases.

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Orinoco Tribune’s statistical team took the numbers made public by the WHO today and dessagregate them by population. The results put Venezuela, Chile and Uruguay with the best per capita test campaign in the region. On the opposite side, Bolivia, Guyana and Brazil are the countries with the lowest testing ratios in this analysis (below).

Screenshot at 22-32-19


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