Breaking News: Leopoldo Lopez and Guaido initiate a Military Rebellion close to La Carlota MB

Today around 6:00 am a small group of National Guards lead by Juan Guaido and Leopoldo Lopez initiated what they call “Operation Freedom” blocking the transit with 2 trucks -very similar to the ones owned by the Polar holding- in the Francisco de Miranda highway just outside La Carlota Military Base.

RELATED CONTENT: Read the US Department of State Document Mentioned by Chancellor Arreaza in UN In another of his pre-fabricated speeches the “millennial” self-proclaimed Juan Guaido called Venezuelans to take the streets and initiate “Operation Freedom” but not a single Venezuelan was seen around besides the couple of dozens of military defectors joining this move that seems very desperate in front of Guaido’s and his “presidency” lost of traction.


Very well dressed and joined by his political mentor Leopoldo Lopez -maybe looking to see if they both can mobilize more Venezuelans antichavistas because of their lack of turnout in recent weeks- violating his house arrest condition, he made a speech saying they where IN the military base of La Carlota when in reality they where just outside the base in a point often used by antichavista forces to protest against the government.

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The Minister for Communication and Information, Jorge Rodriguez immediately posted on twitter about the situation informing on this Coup D’Etat in the making and about the small number of military being part of it. He also invited  Venezuelans to be at maximum alert to defeat this latest attempt against the democracy in Venezuela.

Twitter reports indicate that law enforcement agencies are closing all access to the area and soon there will be a resolution to this new attempt evidently promoted by the Trump administration.

We will keep updating this post stay tuned.


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