Plan de la Patria, Bolívar and the Tricolor Accompany New Official Photo of President Nicolás Maduro

With Simón Bolívar, the national flag and the Constitution of the Republic as witnesses,  President Nicolás Maduro  immortalizes once again his commitment to the Venezuelan people in a renewed  official photo. An image that will travel the Homeland and the world in places of work, public institutions and diplomatic missions, in short, in the trenches of struggle and battle in defense of the  Bolivarian Revolution .

The image has to remind us, every day and at all times, of what the permanent task is: the defense of the Nation and the construction of the country that we all want. A project that after a broad national dialogue, inclusive and participatory, we immortalized in the Plan of the Homeland, today Law of the Republic. In other words, a historical document, strategically placed on his desk as an agenda of the permanent and unchanging work that constitutes him at this time as the Revolutionary, Bolivarian and Chavista Government.

For this reason, the photo is set in the Presidential Office, the space of daily work of the president, who with the shield and the flag on his chest, and the necklace and insignia of the Liberating Order on the heart, ratifies before the people his promise to defend the Homeland, the ideology of Simón Bolívar and the legacy of the Supreme Commander of the Revolution, Hugo Chávez.

The president posted the image today to Twitter with this message.  It was also distributed by the Minister of Popular Power and Culture, Ernesto Villegas, via his Twitter account.

¡Pueblo Venezolano! Comparto la Foto Oficial del Periodo Presidencial 2019-2025. Las instituciones públicas, militares y policiales la usarán en respeto a la decisión soberana del pasado #20May. Muestra indiscutible de la fortaleza institucional de Venezuela. ¡Viva la Patria!

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