Colombia Accuses Julio Borges of Plotting Against Guaidó

Amid recent confrontations between formerly allied factions of the Venezuelan right, the fugitive from justice Julio Borges was the subject of criticism and denunciations on the part of sectors of the national and international extreme right, who accused him of wanting to “knock down,” or deliver a “low blow,” to former deputy Juan Guaidó.

In this case, the criticism came from the former Colombian Ambassador to the United States, Francisco Santos, who spoke through his Twitter account to attack his former partner in conspiracies against Venezuela.

“He has done everything possible to overthrow Juan Guaidó, destroy Monómeros and the valuable assets that still remain,” said Santos regarding the recent actions of Julio Borges.

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On the other hand, Santos pointed out that Borges, whom the Iván Duque administration recognizes as Guaidó’s foreign minister, “should resign from that position out of decency.” Santos also accused the extreme right-winger Borges of wanting to join up with the legitimate president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

As an ally of Iván Duque, Santos may be discrediting Julio Borges in order to facilitate the Colombian government’s theft of the multi-million dollar Venezuelan asset, Monómeros.

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Puzzling or puzzled?
Regarding Borges’ constant attacks against Juan Guaidó, opinion makers with a fondness for the extreme right express confusion and alarm at what they consider an incoherent attitude on the part of Borges in recent months.

In the same way, they repudiate Borges, founder of Justice First (Primero Justicia), for now advocating for an “overhaul” of the leadership of the imaginary “interim presidency” although he has remained as head of his right-wing political party, Justice First, for more than two decades.

Borges recently lashed out at “the management” of Guaidó, accusing him of making poor decisions that led to the bankruptcy of the Venezuelan company Monómeros, now in the hands of the Colombian government due to the machinations of the so-called Superintendency of Corporations.

In addition, in a recent statement issued by the leadership of Justice First, coordinated by Julio Borges, former deputy Juan Guaidó was mentioned without using the title of “interim president.” Borges attributed this fact to the lack of decision-making ability by the self-proclaimed Guaidó.


Featured image: Carlos Vecchio (left), Iván Duque (center), and Julio Borges (right), during a meeting in Colombia. File photo courtesy of Twitter/@JulioBorges.

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