Controversial Arrest: Two PDVSA Managers for Allegedly Selling Confidential Information to the US – Some Outraged Chavistas Call it a Mistake

The Presidential Commission Alí Rodríguez Araque announced, through a statement, the arrest of senior PDVSA managers Alfredo Marcial Chirinos Azuaje, Special Operations Manager and Aryenis Torrealba, General Manager of Crude Operations for allegedly delivering “strategic, sensitive and confidential information, to the US government.”

According to the text, the detainees “provided data on the operations of the industry in their different areas, on the activity of sale and trade of Venezuelan oil, and on the logistic capacity of our state-owned company and its partners in the world.”

The presidential commission barely has been operation for ten days, as it was created by President Nicolás Maduro on February 19 “in order to move forward and continue the process of transformation of the oil industry” and the President explained that the organization will have full powers to adopt the necessary, effective measures for the recovery of the oil, gas and petrochemical sector.

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The arrest of the two managers has been repudiated by several Chavista social organizations and influencers from both Caracas, and the city of Barquisimeto where they are from and where they are considered social activists, and ask President Maduro to thoroughly investigate the fact, because they were denouncing precisely acts of corruption in the state oil company.

Influencers and Chavista grassroots individuals have launched a campaign to look for answers regarding this incident and most of them agree in highlighting the Chavista commitment of both managers as well as their campaign in internally denouncing corruption cases inside PDVSA, as well as the lack of due process, with relatives and lawyers not having access to them.

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Most of the claims remarked on the humble origins and even current way of life of both PDVSA managers and also their commitment to grassroots Chavismo.

“In these sensitive cases the lack of information is understandable but in light of the tremendous out-roar created by the detention of these PDVSA managers, law enforcement agencies should start providing more light around the case in order to keep the public informed” a political expert said to OT.

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Translated and edited by JRE/EF

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