Democratic & Victorious? Zelensky Bans Ukrainian Opposition Parties

On Sunday, March 20, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky outlawed the activity of 10 opposition parties while martial law is in force, which was decreed after the conflict in the country began.

Through a video, the Ukrainian president announced the suspension of activities of some opposition parties and political structures, after accusing them of being linked to Russia, in a move that contradicts the statesmanship and democratic imagery that the US and the EU have been trying to build around Zelensky.

He said in the video: “The National Security and Defense Council has decided, given the large-scale war and the links of some political structures with this state [Russia], to suspend any activity from a number of political parties during the martial law period.”

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The opposition parties whose activities have been suspended by Zelensky are: Opposition Platform—For Life, Left Opposition, Union of Leftists, Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, Socialist Party of Ukraine, Opposition Bloc, Nashi, Derzhava, Party of Shariy, and Vladimir Saldo Bloc.

Likewise, it indicated that it has already instructed the Ministry of Justice to take measures guaranteeing compliance with the prohibition, banning all activities of these opposition parties, according to Ukrainian criminal procedures.

“I want to remind all politicians in any field: the war shows very well the scarcity of personal ambitions, of those who try to put their own ambitions and their own party or career above the interests of the state and the people,” Zelensky warned.

In this regard, he warned that any activity aimed at splitting off or collaborating will not be successful and will receive a harsh response.

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As part of its measures to eliminate any relationship with Russia, this week the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine suspended the import and distribution of all publishing products from Russia.

Through a statement, it was explained that the measure was taken to “avoid cultural and informational influence,” of Russian publications on Ukrainian public opinion. In practical terms this signifies a very undemocratic behaviour typical of authoritarian dictators.

Mainstream media has been portraying the Ukrainian president in recent days as a statesman, with hours and hour of coverage in news channels and social media platforms, as well as in US sponsored addresses to western parliaments.

Washington and the EU have also been trying to present the support of Vladimir Putin in Russia as weak, but at least for now Putin has not authorized similar measures inside Russia. Zelensky has been identified by many, not just now but for several years, as a promoter of Neo-Nazi organizations like the Azov Battalion, a clear nazi-like paramilitary organization that is now an organic part of the Ukrainian National Guard.


Featured image: Custom LEGO of Molotov cocktails (L) and figure of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (R) as presented by mainstream media in the campaign to portray Zelensky as a statesman and romanticize the alleged Ukrainian resistance. Photo: Citizen Brick.

(RedRadioVE) by Ana Perdigón, with Orinoco Tribune content

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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