“Erratic and Childish”: Venezuela Denounces US Warship New Provocation – “Next Time Send the Ships with a Republican Party Flag”: Vladimir Padrino Lopez

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela denounces before the national and international community the intimidating intentions of the Southern Command of the United States, through the presence of the guided missile destroyer USS William P. Lawrence (DDG-110) of the US Navy, 16.1 nautical miles from the Venezuelan coast.

The Chancellor of the Republic, Jorge Arreaza, made the complaint through his twitter account describing as “erratic and childish” the provocation of the North American government along with an official communique.

Through the communique, Venezuela informed that the US warship recognized the authority of the Venezuelan State when responding to radio communications from the Bolivarian Navy, alleging they were practicing anti-drug patrol operations.

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“It is clearly a deliberate act of provocation, erratic and childish, which reveals the lack of professional rigor of the United States Southern Command,” the statement reads.

Venezuela expresses that it will not fall into absurd provocations that seek to alter the peace and security of the Venezuelan people and the fellow Caribbean peoples, while reiterating its unwavering commitment to the guarantee and protection of its sacred sovereignty and territorial integrity, in compliance with the international law.

The Venezuelan Minister for Defense, Vladimir Padrino Lopez using his twitter account also blasted the new US provocation. He wrote: ” The first electoral debate between Trump and Biden was a degrading political act. It only served to throw manure on the US electoral showcase exhibited as an example and exportable model for the world by the alleged ‘champion of democracy’.”

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“Based on our international analysis, prior to the debate, we already awaited a provocation designed by the US Southern Command (headquarters of Trump’s electoral command in Florida), with specific incursions and childish fuss in order to shake up the polls,” added Padrino-Lopez in another tweet.

The Venezuelan Minister of Defense ended his twitter thread with a harsh and sarcastic criticism on how the US Army is used for electoral purposes, in this case to favor the Republican Party. He wrote: “The next debate will be Oct 15 in Miami. This time we will also be waiting for ships and planes. We would like to ask @Southcom that these ships carry the flag of the Republican Party with their respective slogan VOTE TRUMP, so that an unpleasant incident does not occur.


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