Foreign Affairs Minister Arreaza’s Forceful Response to Biden’s Advisor, Juan González

Following pessimistic and meddlesome remarks made this Wednesday, May 26, by Juan González, advisor to the US president Joe Biden, assuring that political pressure on President Nicolás Maduro will persist if the dialogue between the opposition and Chavismo “fails,” the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza responded to the Colombian González.

“The dialogue has been fruitful and has generated peace thanks to the willingness of Venezuelans,” wrote Arreaza on Twitter. “You should occupy yourself with your two countries: main producer of narcotics (Colombia) and the main consumer (United States), and respect the sovereignty of Venezuela. Go put pressure on Iván Duque.”

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As if it were a matter that concerns him, Biden’s advisor said that the United States has made “very clear” the criteria that the negotiations in Venezuela must “comply with.”

“Any negotiation would have to be serious, concrete, irreversible, and with a clear time frame,” said González. These statements come after former deputy Juan Guaidó announced the so-called National Salvation Agreement calling for negotiations between the opposition extremist wing headed by Guaidó and the Maduro government.

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USA in the dialogue?
While González clarified that his country is not involved in the “preparation phase” for talks between representatives of Maduro and Guaidó, this Wednesday the Venezuelan president warned that “we always enter into dialogue out of conviction, not due to threats or pressure.” Maduro added that “Guaidó, better known as bobolongo, said that he is going to participate in elections… From the North they gave the order to Guaidó’s extremist right to participate in elections and stop being stupid.”

In this context, President Maduro explained that the first of his demands in the upcoming dialogue is the immediate lifting of all sanctions and unilateral coercive measures against Venezuela, executed primarily by the US administration. However, González did not even mention this.


Featured image: Joe Biden’s advisor for Western Hemispheres Affairs, the Colombian-American Juan González. File photo.

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