“I Prefer to Believe That You Are Very Misinformed”: Chancellor Arreaza Responds to Uruguay on Repatriation Comments

Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza reacted to statements issued by his Uruguayan counterpart, Ernesto Talvi, who this Thursday – after being asked about the status of Uruguayan citizens stranded in Venezuela – assured that “no country has managed to send a flight to Venezuela and bring back its people.”

“Mr. Ernesto Talvi, I prefer to believe that you are very misinformed. Several countries have sent flights to Venezuela to repatriate their nationals. They have been made without any difficulty and with all the public health guarantees. We have not received a flight request from Uruguay,” stressed the Venezuelan diplomat via Twitter.

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After making that statement, Talvi clarified in the same moment the following: “It is not that we have any specific impediment”, but that he hopes that if the return of some of his compatriots to Uruguay was agreed upon, the ideal would be that cases of COVID-19 could be screened in Venezuela because they would not like to carry infected passengers on a plane that is destined for Uruguay.

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The Uruguayan diplomat also pointed out that his compatriots are well in Venezuela and have all their needs covered as well as the help of his country’s consulate in Caracas.

Venezuela, for its part, is one of the countries that applies the strictest sanitary measures to detect possible positive patients to COVID-19, especially in the cases of people who come from abroad and go to other countries, on humanitarian flights activated amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Venezuelan authorities on Friday March 10 repatriated more that 133 Venezuelans stranded in the US, Mexico and other countries and on the flight sent epidemiological teams and equipment to check each and every one of the passengers coming back home. Venezuela also set up a special section in the airplane to isolate potential cases.

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