Interpol-Venezuela has Arrested Twelve People with Red Notices in 2021

The director general of the Interpol-Venezuela International Police, Carlos Gárate, reported that this year intelligence, investigation and security operations have led to the arrest of 44 people in different ports and airports of Venezuela. Twelve of these individuals had been flagged with an Interpol Red Notice.

With offices in Venezuela alone, Interpol is the largest international organization in the world after the United Nations (UN), and connects 194 countries with an around-the-clock system. Gárate also highlighted that Interpol-Venezuela offices work to cooperate with each other in matters of transnational crime, respecting the sovereignty and legal protocol of each nation.

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The details were provided during Gárate’s participation in the radio show Criminal Investigation for the People, hosted by Humberto Ramírez, vice minister of the Integrated Criminal Investigation System. The show is broadcasted by the Ministry for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace radio.

Venezuela is guarantor of human rights
Gárate, pointed out that this international police force operates in Venezuela with a mandate to protect and respect human rights.

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“We cannot extradite a person, even a foreigner, if the penalty is a crime of death,” he said. “In that case, an analogous penalty is applied here in Venezuela. If the penalty is greater according to the legal system of a given country, we cannot apply it either because we are a guarantor of human rights.”

In addition the official invited Venezuelans to download the Quadrant of Peace mobile application for Android in Venezuela. Through it, citizens can file complaints related to security, prevention, health and public services within their neighbourhood.

Many Venezuelans have complained that this initiative is insufficient because they do not have access to smartphones, or because they use other mobile operation systems like Microsoft or iOS. Experts have suggested that this important initiative would benefit from the launch of a web interface.


Featured image: Venezuelan Interpol authorities on a radio station. Photo courtesy of @ViisipMIJP_ .

(RedRadioVE) by Patricia Ferrer, with Orinoco Tribune content

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