Laidy Gómez Condemns Venezuela’s Opposition for Discord and Lack of Strategic Vision

During a press conference, the outgoing governor of the state of Táchira, Laidy Gómez, criticized the management of the Venezuelan opposition  and admitted that there is not a national leader who could unify this political sector.

Similarly, the Democratic Action politician criticized the pseudo-leaders who have begun talks of a possible referendum against the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, as these ambitions clearly disregard the common will of the population.

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“There are pseudo-leaders who have started talking of a referendum in order to revoke Maduro’s presidency,” Gómez wrote on Twitter. “I would recommend that they reflect on their motives and bad faith, only then can we move towards political solutions based on the interests of the nation. Before talking about impeachment, we would be better off speaking of unity.”

Laidy Gómez called on the opposition to reflect on the harm they had caused and encouraged them to propose a plan for the opposition in Venezuela, without the in-fighting for a second-place position with which to negotiate with the government.

“National leaders must reflect on their actions, because political action without politics, just to fight for second-place, strives for nothing more than negotiations with the government and not towards winning Venezuela back,” Gómez wrote. “Impeachment without unity? Venezuela wants more decency in politics.”
She added that, in order to regain control of Venezuela, national leaders must reflect on their flaws and bad decisions in order to reestablish the political cohesion in Venezuela “that the people want so badly.”

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“The Venezuelan politics of the democratic opposition sectors has to be worked on,” added Gómez. “Today, those of us from Táchira can be an example of this. Táchira was one of the states that most aggressively resisted division, the elections are proof of that.”

These declarations were made shortly after the elections, when it was reported that the opposition only managed to win three governorships in the country (Zulia, Cojedes and Nueva Esparta). In total, 60,000 candidates competed for 3,000 government positions.

The internal division of the opposition ended up costing them the majority of the elections, as there was relatively little unity amongst them. This contrasted with the electoral base or the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), which won 23 governorships and the mayoral office in Caracas.


Featured image: Laidy Gómez at a press conference. Photo REDRADIOVE

(REDRADIOVE by Ana Perdigón)

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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