Peru on the Path to Constituent Assembly

Parliamentarian of Peru Libre party, Wilson Rusbel Quispe Mamani, has presented a bill for the implementation of a popular referendum for the formation of a Constituent Assembly to reform Peru’s 1993 Political Constitution.

The initiative consists of a national consultation that will ask Peruvians if they agree with the convocation of a Constituent Assembly to draft a new constitution.

Peru Libre is hoping for a triumphant “Yes” vote, so that an election will be called to elect the members of the Constituent Assembly. The election would be scheduled to take place simultaneously with the regional and municipal elections of 2022.

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Referring to this first step towards a new constitution, Peru Libre leader and governor of Junín, Vladimir Cerrón, wrote on his Twitter account: “The campaign to collect signatures for a Constituent Assembly is a reality, and when the people set a goal, no one can stop them, neither the hardships of the situation nor the conspiracies against them.” 

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How would it take place?
The Constituent Assembly would have the exclusive purpose of drafting a new Constitution of Peru; and after that purpose is fulfilled it would be dissolved.

The arguments in favor of drafting a new constitution are the deep social, economic and political crises that the vast majority of the country is going through. In addition, there are the serious problems of corruption and lack of political representation which has generated mistrust among the people towards the political system.

This is a consequence of the inefficiency of the previous governments that have led Peru to its ongoing political and institutional crisis. Moreover, there are clearly multiple conflicts between the Executive and the Legislative branches of the State.

Peruvian Minister of Development and Inclusion, Dian Boluarte, informed that since last week, Peru Libre party has been collecting signatures to support the call for referendum.



Featured image: People in Peru sign a petition for a plebiscite that would create a Constituent Assembly. Photo: Twitter / @VLADIMIR_CERRON

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