President Maduro: ‘I Wish All Parties Allow Their Bases to Choose Their Candidates as PSUV Has Done’

President Nicolás Maduro stated that the internal nomination process for the selection of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) candidates, which took place last Sunday, has been ”exemplary” and a prelude for great triumphs to come. According to the president, this should be the path taken by all political parties, because there is ”a great need for a profound democratization of the entire political and social life in the country.”

”Such a beautiful day,” said President Maduro during his speech at the 2021 Simón Bolívar National Journalism Prize ceremony. ”I was just speaking with Diosdado (Cabello), who is right now at the counting center of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela. Diosdado wrote me a message, saying ‘Great, the results are very good, and they envision great future victories.’”

”I wish all the political parties in the country open their doors to such a process and give their members the right to exercise their power to nominate their candidates for the November 21 mega-elections,” added President Maduro. ”All the parties, whether left, right, center-left, or center-right.”

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Let’s go to the elections!
The head of state reiterated his call to everyone to participate in the November 21 regional and municipal elections to strengthen the country’s democratic institutions. ”May those with the best proposals and the best candidates who can mobilize people in their favor win,” he said.

”I hope the opposition can achieve the unification of its forces, because our wish is to go to the elections against a united opposition, whoever wins,” added the president.

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Finally, President Maduro announced that the system of protectorates will be ended. “As of these elections, I think that it would be best that whoever wins in their respective state or municipality should be the ultimate governing authority. As far as we are concerned, we will eliminate that which has thus far been labeled as protectorate.”

”The protectorates, in states and municipalities, are over, so whoever gets to win gets to govern, and that is the end of it. We’ll see how things go,” concluded the president.


Featured image: Candidate nomination procedure of PSUV taking place all over Venezuela. File photo.

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