Venezuela and the US negotiate establishing “Interests Office” in their countries after breaking relations

Venezuela and the USA have agreed to hold negotiations “for the establishment of an ‘Interests Office’ in each capital”, after the breakdown of political and diplomatic relations, it was reported this Saturday by the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, through a statement.

In these offices, “migratory procedures and other issues of bilateral interest may be addressed,” the text states.

The measure was agreed after Caracas broke off relations with Washington this week, in response to the US government recognition of self-proclaim Venezuelan opposition deputy Juan Guaidó as “president in charge” of Venezuela.

The Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, expelled the US diplomats and gave 72 hours, which expire this Sunday, to leave the country. In addition, it closed the consular offices of Caracas in the United States and asked the Venezuelan diplomats in the US to return to the South American nation.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this Friday saw the “effective withdrawal of personnel from the US diplomatic mission in Caracas, within the deadline granted”; and “the personnel of the Venezuelan diplomatic mission in Washington has undertaken the return” to Venezuela.

According to the statement of the Foreign Ministry, negotiations to establish “Office of Interests” adheres “to international law for cases of rupture of relations between countries.”

Caracas reports that “a period of 30 days has been established to reach such agreement”; in that period of time, a “remaining staff in each mission” will remain.

If no agreement is reached within the time limit set, both missions will cease activities and both States will proceed to designate the entity that each one will choose to entrust their respective interests to it. In addition, the remaining personnel will have 72 hours to leave the territory of each country.

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Translated by JRE

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