Venezuelan CNE Publishes Second Batch of Candidates Running for Rectors

The Electoral Nominations Committee of the National Assembly (AN) of Venezuela will start with the period of objections and discharges after “satisfactorily” completing the evaluation process of 38 new nominees for rectors of the National Electoral Council (CNE) in the second round of postulations.

In accordance with current regulations, the list of candidates in the second round of postulations was published this Saturday, April 10, in the National Assembly website and also in national dailies. This list contains the names of the candidates who passed the evaluation process established by the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

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After the publication of the names of the candidates, the Nominations Committee will begin the objections and discharges stage. Once that process ends, and the names of the candidates who met the established requirements to be part of the Board of Directors of the Electoral Power are known, the final list of nominations will be delivered to the plenary session of the Parliament, which is expected to be consigned on April 27 along with the names of the 67 candidates already chosen in February during the first round of postulations.

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Last Thursday the face-to-face and virtual interviews of the candidates were completed. The second vice president of the National Assembly, Didalco Bolívar, was present at the interviews. This second stage was arranged by the Parliament to allow the participation of those who could not apply in the first round, which closed with 74 candidates after the resignation of one applicant. In that phase, 47 applicants from civil society, 10 from universities and 18 from the Citizen Power had applied, of whom 64% passed the process satisfactorily. During that process, 46 objections were received.

In this second phase, among the most recognizable names from the Chavista forces are former minister for transportation Ricardo Molina, former minister for higher education Pedro Calzadilla, and former ambassador to Syria Imad Saab Saab.

From the anti-Chavista forces the names that can be highlighted are former alternate CNE rector Juan Carlos Delpino, Roberto Picón, former electoral advisor for the anti-chavista electoral alliance of 2010, the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD).


Featured image: New rectors of the Venezuelan CNE will be selected for regional elections in December 2021. File photo.

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