Vice President Delcy Rodriguez Submitted New Quarantine Plan to President Maduro

The Vice President of the Republic Delcy Rodríguez delivered this Saturday, May 9, the New Phase Plan for Territorial Quarantine to President Nicolás Maduro for his evaluation and subsequent approval.

“I deliver this new proposal of the epidemiological traffic control with territorial characteristics, paying attention to the incidence of cases, taking into consideration where and how many days without cases and a series of recommendations for its approval and accompany this new stage to which you have called us,” Rodríguez told the head of state during a working meeting from the Miraflores Palace, with the participation of the Covid-19 Monitoring and Control Commission.

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She mentioned that in this new period of quarantine, all the epidemiological measures are contemplated preserving the mandatory use of the mask, “which is one of the key elements that will allow us to avoid any type of contagion”, along with personal hygiene measures.

She explained that the new phase will be accompanied by a new detection process with rapid and molecular tests.

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“Thanks to the airlift that we maintain with the People’s Republic of China, starting this Sunday we will be receiving new shipments of tests and that will allow one of the fundamental control axes to be maintained in this new stage,” said the senior official. .

In this order of ideas, she reported: “We are moving to a massive application of rapid and molecular tests.”

Rodriguez evaluated the compliance with the preventive measures, personal hygiene and quarantine as positive and as a great example of the Venezuelan people.

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Translated and edited by JRE/EF

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