Amb. Moncada: Between 2007 and 2017 the US Spent $ 250 Billion on Mercenaries

Between 2007-2017 the government of the United States spent 250 billion dollars on mercenaries. This was stated by the Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations, Samuel Moncada, regarding the recent armed incursion thwarted by Venezuelan authorities and militia.

“Mercenaries are 50% cheaper than conventional troops. They don’t cost anything before or after the contract. In Iraq, 50% of US soldiers were mercenaries. In Afghanistan, 70%. It is the preferred model to invade countries at the lowest economic and political cost,” he wrote in his twitter account.

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Citing fragments of a document identified as “Fourth- and Fifth-Generation Warfare: Technology and Perceptions” published by the San Diego International Law Journal, the Venezuelan diplomat added that to date there are US mercenaries in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Ukraine. He even recalled that Erick Prince, owner of Blackwaters, offered 5,000 assassins for the invasion of Venezuela in 2019.

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“The mercenary invasion organized by Trump and his narco-assassin allies has never been a secret. In May 2019 we denounced it at the UN Security Council. It is a crime organized by professionals with years of experience. There is no improvisation,” he stressed.

This statement by Moncada, made one day before the failed Bay of Macuto mercenary operation led by the US., becomes more relevant after recent excuses and responses by US regime officials on the incident. The US government only acknowledged responsibility in the Cuban Bay of Pigs invasion 29 years after the incident.

Featured image: Erik Prince sold Blackwater years ago, so why are “Blackwater” mercenaries being killed in Yemen? (AFP/File). December 2015 (

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Translated and edited by JRE/EF

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