After Attack with Explosives: Reconstruction of Apure Customs Post Begins

After paramilitaries from Colombia attacked the customs headquarters in La Victoria, Apure state, on March 23, the Venezuelan authorities have already begun to rebuild it.

On April 8, the debris produced by the bomb—planted by the attackers in an attempt to expel the Venezuelan Armed Force (FANB) from the border state where they were entrenched, with the consent of the Colombian authorities—began to be collected.

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Recall that following several confrontations between the FANB and the paramilitaries, which included psychological terror media campaigns, and the generation of different fake news items about the actions of Venezuela’s military on the border, the population of La Victoria and neighboring communities bordering Colombia are now returning to normality, after the area was secured by Venezuelan military.

Since the last week of March, 2021, Venezuela has lost six military officers, killed while patrolling to pursue and expel the armed intruders from Colombia who mined the territory around the drug camps, from where the drug trafficking mafias were operating.


Featured image: Sticks of dynamite (credit: Dribbble)

(La IguanaTV)

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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