Almagro’s Reacts to Venezuelan “Parallel” Supreme Court in Exile Split

The corruption scandals within the National Assembly, unleashed after the dismissal of Calderón Berti from the “embassy” in Colombia, are not enough, but now also the Supreme Court (TSJ) in exile is in conflict with new “authorities” who also intend to “exercise” these same functions from abroad.

The self-appointed magistrates, elected by no one, denounced a new “self-proclamation”, this time from a new Board of Directors.

With a lack of quorum and disagreements between them, the meeting for the election was held with 13 “magistrates” who accused those not in attendance of wanting to sabotage the process.


Antonio Marval Jiménez was “elected” as president of the now second anti-Chavista TSJ, Pedro Troconiz Da Silva and Domingo Salgado Rodríguez as first and second vice president, respectively.


The fugitive from justice Luisa Ortega Díaz, former Venezuelan Attorney General, recognized the new “authorities” and asked them to “work together.”

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Faced with such an action that reaffirms the contradictions within the opposition, the president of the first TSJ in exile, Martín Tortabú, reacted negatively to the information and ignored what he himself called a “social media trap.”

Even Luis Almagro reacted and went against the internal disaster currently represented by the Venezuelan opposition: “We regret that the institutions of democratic origin in Venezuela incur similar bad practices of co-opting power and collusion of interests,” he said.

Featured image: Almagro talking to Ivan Duque during the recent TIAR meeting in Bogota.

Source URL: La IguanaTV with OT content

Translated and edited by JRE/EF

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