Borrell’s Comments on Venezuela’s 21N Elections Condemned

Recent statements made by the high representative of the European Union, Josep Borrell, in regard to Venezuela’s November 21 elections, have generated multiple reactions of rejection and condemnation from government authorities as well as Venezuelan social media users.

After the issue became known with the Venezuelan government officially establishing its position through a statement published on Friday, October 8, Venezuelan social media users as well as authority figures started posting on various social networks, demanding respect, explanations and apologies from Borell for the people of Venezuela people and the national institutions.

Borrell’s problematic comments came days after the Venezuelan National Electoral Council (CNE) confirmed that the EU would send an observation mission to Venezuela for the regional and local elections. However, Borrell has now tried to practically go beyond the CNE’s investiture and the sovereignty of the electoral exercise of the Venezuelan people.

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On Friday, the EU high representative had commented that “the [electoral observer] mission’s report will be what will legitimize or delegitimize” the government of President Nicolás Maduro. Borrell also said that the European Union Mission will function as a guarantee for the opposition parties that are participating in the elections.

Referring to Borrell’s comments, Diosdado Cabello, first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), stated that his attitude is typical of those who believe that Venezuela is still a colony.

“What this person [Borrell] forgets is that we drove out the Spanish empire a little over 200 years ago,” Cabello wrote on his Twitter account. “Today we are independent, we do not accept impositions from the lackeys of imperialism. We will be victorious!”

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“Spain has no morals”
Tibisay Lucena, rector of the National Experimental University of the Arts (UNEARTES) and former president of Venezuela’s national electoral authority, also reacted to Borrell’s comments, criticizing the EU high representative’s attacks on the agreement that led to the designation of an EU Mission.

Lucena expressed that Venezuela is not a province of Spain, which is Borrell’s home country. She added that only the people of Venezuela, with their vote and exercising their sovereignty under the mandate of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, can legitimize each election that is held in the country. “Spain has no morals to talk about democracy,” she wrote on Twitter.

Even some opposition sectors reacted with displeasure at Borrell’s comments regarding the supposed role that the EU delegation would play in the November 21 elections. Borrell had stated that the electoral observation mission of the EU would “accompany the opposition.”



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