‘Catastrophic Moral Failure’ – The Inequality of the COVID-19 Vaccine Between Africa and the West

By Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza  –  Feb 5, 2021

Vaccines are a common good, and as such a balance must always be struck between the intellectual property rights

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Capitalism is acting as a huge barricade of equal access to the vaccine and this “catastrophic moral failure” will not end the pandemic. Hope should be for all people, not for some people, and public health should not be privatized to the extent that even frontline health workers in the global south are not vaccinated. Every vaccine – whether it is from the UK, China, or Russia – should be treated equally, in scientific and moral terms, so that everyone on the face of the Earth can reap the rewards of stellar human innovation in times of serious distress. Intellectual property rights should not be sanctified at the expense of the safety of everyone else. Morality in this regard must reign supreme.



Featured image: Testing for COVID-19 in Ogun State, Nigeria; but when will vaccines be available?

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